Hear From Our Memory Makers

"Finally something that Facebook CANT do. Organizing your life categorically (customizable) and chronologically is a brilliant way of getting a visual representation of the important (and maybe even the not-so-important) events in your life.

It also makes adding, editing, and sharing these pics, videos, etc with others a breeze. The import feature makes connecting with friends and family via other social media apps a cinch. And the zoom feature allows you to drill down on your chronology like you would by zooming in on an iPhone pic, i.e. adjust years to months to days and see activity on the micro-level.

Say goodbye to photo albums. Just link your family to your account and have everyone help create a Mysaic of your life."


"I am loving this app! The design and features are sleek and easy to use. Being able to organize events, activities, and photos from my life in categories and on a timeline makes it easy to reflect on and share my experiences with others. I highly recommend you try it!"


"It took me a few days to see the ease of using this app. Now I feel like a pro. I like how I can organize my photos, videos, and thoughts of live events by category as a timeline, doing it straight from my iPhone and several other sources, and then share with friends. I also like that these friends can comment on what I've shared. It can truly be a comprehensive journal of your life in one single app.”


“I use Mysaic as a way of quickly accessing pictures from different stages of my life. It’s been especially helpful when sharing life stories with new people. Mysaic made it really easy to accompany an interesting anecdote with pics and videos.”


"Mysaic is a responsible, in-depth, fascinating window into my life's events and shared experiences. I recommend trying it out!"


"Fun & easy to use, sharing experiences and memories with friends and family AND data privacy!"


"This app solved a major problem for me. Probably one of the most time consuming things that I do on my phone is searching for photos, experiences, or documents in my images/photo library.

The thing that makes Mysaic a dream come true is the way I can organize and retrieve my memories with ease. I’m not tech savvy, nor do I think in an organized way, and despite my ADHD, I find this app easy to access and navigate and efficient to utilize. It makes me WANT to do this thing that I’ve had resistance to doing before Mysaic just because I previously found the task of organizing my memories or photos to be time consuming and not possible in any efficient way.

I also use the app more broadly to keep images I need to access for convenience.  Instead of scrolling continuously or looking for different albums in my phone, I can access all my trips in one place and I can select the appropriate tags, business, personal, family, friends, etc. The AI is good—in other words, the tags you can attach to images are smart and the system makes suggestions and remembers and prioritizes the categories it offers for you to select for your photos and albums.

The timeline let’s me see my whole life. Posting pictures from birth to the present moment and displaying them in a way that makes it easy for me to pull up different memories or information.

I love Mysaic and the community it creates. It allows me to share publicly or privately or with my community.

This app has made my life fuller."