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Being able to organize events, activities, and photos from my life in categories and on a timeline makes it easy to reflect and share my experiences with others.


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Put a Stop to Endless Camera Scrolling

Find All Your Media – Fast

You love showing off photos and videos of vacations, celebrations, and family. In order to do that, you need a simple and secure way to store and organize the hundreds of images on your phone.

The problem is most photo manager apps & storage apps are little more than places to stockpile your images & videos. There's no good way to categorize and organize your images for easy access and safe sharing. It's frustrating to endlessly scroll through images to show your friends photos and other media from your latest vacation.


Safe & Secure

Own your data & decide who gets to see it. Advanced security features & privacy controls.


Find Media Faster

Our powerful search capabilities allow you to easily find what you are looking for in seconds.


Save & Share

We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

Diary, Scrapbook, and Life Resumé, All In One

Seamlessly Save & Store Life's Greatest Moments

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Curate & Share Your Story

Documenting, collaborating on, and sharing moments that matter should be easy. You have amazing adventures and special memories you want to share.

With a camera in our pocket, it's easy to capture photos and videos of every moment. The hard part is storing and organizing all that media so you can easily reference and share the stories of your life.

Our stories are filled with loved ones, collaborate with them to create a shared experience, from weddings to family dinners.

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Ten years in development with only one focus: putting YOU as the priority.

Your needs matter to us. That's why your data is not sold to third parties like the other guys.

Share your experiences and connect with your community!

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"Finally something that Facebook CANT do. Organizing your life categorically (customizable) and chronologically is a brilliant way of getting a visual representation of the important (and maybe even the not-so-important) events in your life."


"I am loving this app! The design and features are sleek and easy to use. Being able to organize events, activities, and photos from my life in categories and on a timeline makes it easy to reflect on and share my experiences with others. I highly recommend you try it!"


"It took me a few days to see the ease of using this app. Now I feel like a pro. I like how I can organize my photos, videos, and thoughts of live events by category as a timeline, doing it straight from my iPhone and several other sources, and then share with friends."


Store & Organize Your Media In One Simple & Secure App


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